Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Story of a Con-man

The story of a Con-man begins in Sandy, Utah with a blight on humanity names Michael Sarbone Robinson. He is the son of a Medical Supply Salesman, and “cowboy poet”. He attended Alta High School in Sandy, Utah, and claims to have Attended Brigham Young University also, but they have no record of his attendance, on his linkedin profile page he also claims to have been President of 20/20 vision centers in Salt lake city, they also have never heard of Michael Robinson.
Michael or “Mike” as he sometimes likes to be called is the lowest type of predator that there is in society, he preys on those who do not have the resources to sink to his level of dishonesty, or the lack of morals to stoop to his subhuman tactics, to obtain that which does not belong to him, or that he has not earned. “Mike” is the poster child for sociopaths, he will say anything, do anything, tell any lie to suit his needs on the scam this he is running on his victim. He has falsified references of past clients, he has lied to loan officers, and bank officials regarding mortgages, he has lied under oath in a court of law, he has lied under oath at depositions, he has lied to his clients whom he is supposed to be preforming a service, he has used other peoples credit to purchase homes, only to skip on the mortgage payments and leave them with a foreclosure mess, he is a Liar, a Cheat, and a Thief.
“Mike” Has many scams, he has a refinance scam, a foreclosure rescue scam, a quick profit scam, where he uses someone else's credit to purchase a home, or many homes as the case may be, strips the equity out of them, and then skips on the payments. His refinance scam consists of going around to peoples homes telling them he is with either a bank (usually U.S Bank, or Wells Fargo) or a Mortgage company (Utah Financial inc) or his own company ( Moneyline Funding, this is NOT a real company with any valid business license in the state of Utah) and suckering people into signing a Power of Attorney, and a Warranty Deed, with the Power of Attorney, and the Warranty deed signed he files at the county recorders office as the new owner of the property, and then attempts to evict the actual owners. The Foreclosure rescue scam works about the same way as the refinance scam, but he plays the role of “White Knight” to the distressed homeowners promising them they can lease they home from them, until they are able to refinance through his company that specializes in this type of special financing, and again once the power of Attorney and warranty deed are signed, he can't fill out the eviction paperwork fast enough, and rush it to his Attorney who is a worse criminal than he is, and helps him perpetrate his fraud.
“Mike” Has had his Real Estate license revoked for 3 years by the State Of Utah, and was fined $5,000 for his various scams, and there are more sanctions to come. The State also refused to renew his lenders agent license for operating a lending company with the proper business permits, He operates companies under the names “Paramount Holdings” this business does not have, or has ever had a valid business license in the state of Utah, Moneyline Funding is another company that has never had a business license in the state Utah. He is currently under investigation by the Utah Attorney generals office, and The United states attorney's office for Real Estate fraud, mortgage fraud, and forgery. He has had one of his minions pose as a salt lake county sheriff's deputy to order people out of their homes, without a valid court order. He has threatened people who do not do as “He says” with bodily harm, and death.